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Weshoek’s cattle farming is totally extensive without the aid of grain fields in winter. It results in the fact that fertility and adaptability are some of the most important breeding goals in the stud. Animals that perform here, can adapt well almost anywhere.


Good capacity is one of our most important qualities for adaptability, regarding built. Meat quality, broadness and depth, as well as strong bone structure and hooves are also qualities that we select for.


A lot of attention is given to growth qualities in the stud, in which performance testing plays a major role. EBV’s can be quite helpful, but are not always reliable and constant. At Weshoek, it is used in combination with other selection criteria.


There is also a group of polled Bonsmaras in the stud. We are constantly striving to enlarge this group of high quality polled animals in the stud. The polled animals also have to comply with the same high selection criteria that the rest of the stud is submitted to.


A number of bulls are annually sent to Vrede Veldbulklub for veld-phase D tests. This assists in better accuracy of breeding values.

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